Chris "JuggleBoy" Fowler

Available - Juggling Show, Magic & Juggling Show, Juggling Stiltwalker, walkaround Juggler.


The amazing Chris "JuggleBoy" Fowler will juggle balls, clubs, rings, basketballs, and more! His show includes a balancing act and a lot of fun for the crowd! One of the only Jugglers in the world who can Juggle 7 Balls at once in his show. Chris is certified as the top gravity fighter by the USA space exploration team. Simply incredible!

Chris "Juggle Boy" Fowler:

  • A World record holder in Juggling.

  • Placed as the #1 U.S. Juggler on ESPN.

  • His "High-Energy" show lasts 20-30 min. & will be enjoyed by all ages.

  • Chris is always family-friendly and crowd-friendly.

  • JuggleBoy will work hard to help make your event a success.

Chris Fowler Promo Video:

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Chris "Juggle Boy" began his juggling career at age 12 for a school talent show. Since his first performance he has gone on to set 2 world records and tie the world record for juggling 9 sticks, placed as the #1 US juggler and #3 in the world in advanced ball competition on ESPN Sports.

Chris has juggled for many companies and many events, such as: the UNC Women's Basketball Half Time Show, the North Carolina Military Appreciation Event, Malls, and an exhaustive list of Fortune 500 Companies. His personal records include: 9 stick juggling, 7 club juggling, 10 ring juggling, and managing to keep 11 balls in the air with 13 clean catches and throws.

A very talented and high energy show, Juggle Boy will add a lot of excitement to any event.